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Back To School Apps That Get an A+

Back To School Apps That Get an A+

This article was written by my colleague NRTC Managed Services Admin

Most of our kids have been inseparable from their devices this summer of quarantine, so getting them to embrace technology for school should be a breeze. Here are a few must-have apps that will make back to school fun and easy—even if “school” means the kitchen table.


Zoom – The ubiquitous app that parents use for work video calls is likely to be used by many school districts that are offering remote learning. It’s easy to download (on a computer, tablet, or even a phone) and it’s also easy to customize. You can change your profile, update how your screen appears to you, and even customize your background.

Grammarly – Nothing is worse than a term paper covered in red ink because you didn’t proof your work. This year, download Grammarly and suggestions for correcting typos, grammar mistakes, and even writing style appear in real time. You can accept or reject them, but this app will not only fix one-off mistakes but will actually help you become a better writer.


MyHomework – Cooler than a paper planner, this app helps students organize all their assignments, get reminders for due dates, and even receive rewards for finishing projects.

GoogleDocs – A great way to clean up your desktop and be able to collaborate with fellow students is to stop saving documents to your computer and start saving them to the cloud. Google provides free cloud storage that allows students to upload and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and even PowerPoints which teachers can view and teammates can edit.


Flocabulary – This app and companion website rock. It uses catchy tunes and hip hop rhymes to help kids absorb everything from vocabulary to math and even has songs/lessons on back-to-school jitters and bullying. Videos are available for students K-12.

Epic! – What do voracious readers do when their library is closed AND they’re out of school? Check out Epic!, an online library of over 25,000 books. Students can read books online or offline (so you can download a bunch before a long roadtrip with no WiFi) in a variety of genres from chapter books for bigger kids to graphic novels to read-to-me picture books for young readers.

Mind and Body Motivation

GoNoodle Kids – Perfect for kids stuck at home with no recess, this app encourages kids to get up and move around throughout the day, starting the morning off with blood-pumping stretches and checking in to encourage breathing when stress levels might be rising.

Headspace – School is stressful enough for little people and Headspace can help kids manage the additional anxiety and unknowns of a remote learning experience. It uses cool cartoon videos that lead kids through meditations they can use to manage anxiety and stress.

Even though kids may be trading in uniforms for jammies and lunch with friends for lunch with family, now you have the tools to make this school year a success! Just remember to stay connected, proof your work, and get outside when algebra gets you down!

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