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The Human Way to make Chat GPT Work for You

The Human Way to make Chat GPT Work for You

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The robots are coming! The robots are coming! The robots are coming and they’re … really quite helpful? Artificial intelligence (AI) is already a huge part of our days. It helps Amazon make good suggestions, it keeps our homes safe and connected, it even helps us find the fastest way to work—and the nearest coffee shop to your traffic jam. As this technology becomes more sophisticated, though, there are even more ways it can make our lives easier. The robot du jour is ChatGPT.

In a slightly creepy horror movie opening monologue, ChatGPT describes itself this way: “I am a language model developed by OpenAI. I was trained on a diverse range of internet text, including websites, books, and more. This allows me to generate human-like text responses.” As if it anticipated our thoughts of a robot takeover, it continues, “I am still a machine. I do not have thoughts, feelings, or consciousness.” What a relief.

So how can ChatGPT help you?  You can start by opening a free account at chat.OpenAi.com. Then access the main interface and then, well, interface with it! Ask it anything. You can treat it like Alexa, asking it to provide information. While you should doublecheck its answers, this is a great way to kick off a research paper. But don’t stop there.

  1. Update your resume. ChatGPT can help format and create a custom resume and cover letter for each job you apply for. It can even ask questions your interviewer is likely to ask, based on industry information it finds in seconds.
  2. Help do your fifth grader’s homework. Robots. They can do math (so just ask for help!).
  3. Speak another language. Especially helpful in business when you may want to just add a few words to make a foreign colleague feel welcome, ChatGPT can provide translation skills. (It’s not recommended that you do any formal deals using this service yet.)
  4. Draft long-form content. You’ve no doubt received spam messages obviously written by machine as they just feel a bit off. AI is always making progress, though, so you might use ChatGPT to get you started on a letter or essay—using parameters you provide—and then use your time to polish and humanize the content it produces. Even if the first draft isn’t perfect, you’ve saved yourself some time in development.
  5. Have a nice chat. While ChatGPT reminds you it’s not a sentient being, it can learn how to react to your inputs so if you have an issue you just need to bounce off its walls, go for it! It may have some interesting solutions you hadn’t thought of.

The interface is always learning and, because so many people are interested, answers come slowly so be patient, fact-check its answers before sharing with others, and take any advice it offers on what you should do with your life with a grain of salt.

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