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A Very Techy Christmas

A Very Techy Christmas

We are just weeks away from Santa’s big day, but there’s still time to get that perfect tech for everyone on your list. And the good news is that, while some big-ticket items may be cost-prohibitive, smart shopping will help you stuff stockings with tech that will dazzle and delight.

Green gifts – Not every piece of tech must break the bank—and some can actually do good for the environment. Consider Lumi lighting that transforms traditional light plates into eco-friendly nightlights. Give your green thumb a smart garden that helps you grow vegetables and herbs inside all year long. Or snag a Little Sun Diamond, a solar-powered light that provides 5 hours of light for each charge, and for each one sold, one is delivered to a community in Africa with limited access to electricity.

Wellness wows – From electric toothbrushes to white noise machines for restful sleep to all types of wearable tech, science is here to make your new year more healthy than your last! Consider smart water bottles, a massage gun for recovery, or even the Oura Ring that tracks your heart rate, sleep patterns, and overall health—all while looking like a cool, sleek ring.

Cooking tech – Think you (or someone you love ) is a terrible cook? Help them out with burn-proof tools like the Ninja (an indoor grill and griddle, pressure cookers, and air fryers ), Ooni (gas-fired pizza ovens), or the “James Bond toy of thermometers,” the ThermoWorks Thermapen ONE.

Smartphones – Just in time, all the major carriers are releasing phones for every taste. The folding Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, the Pixel 5A from Google, and of course the iPhone 13 are all available, many with new features like 5G, amazing cameras, and a crazy amount of storage. Call your carrier for deals, trade in your existing phone, and consider financing your phone so the sticker shock can be spread out over time.

As always, do your research, hunt around for the best price, and don’t forget to buy batteries or chargers to make sure you have the merriest of Christmas mornings!

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