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Schools Out: Keep Kids (and Yourself) Engaged This Summer!

Schools Out: Keep Kids (and Yourself) Engaged This Summer!

Summer camp and picnics and giant outdoor concerts are SOOOO 2019. But, while social distancing will keep us from some of our favorite summertime activities, there are still lots of things we can do to keep our kids—and ourselves— busy this summer.

Go Vintage.

Anyone who has spent the last three months on Zoom calls and in Google Classroom is probably ready to put down her devices and engage. So do it! Shelve that cellphone and start your summer old school.

  • Play outside. Have a water balloon fight, run through the sprinkle, climb a tree, throw a ball, draw something amazing in chalk on your driveway, or dazzle your kids with an inspired scavenger hunt.
  • Bake or cook your favorite recipe from scratch. Following recipes teaches kids about measurements and temperature as well as set-up and clean-up. And the bonus? You don’t have to cook tonight! Bonus points for sharing what you bake or cook with a neighbor.
  • Garden. Head to a local nursery and grab a bunch of new flowers to plant, or start a veggie garden in the backyard. Nothing tastes as delicious as food you’ve planted and grown yourself.
  • Camp out. Pitch the tent in the backyard, grill out, and cook s’mores over the fire. All the fun of a great adventurous trek, close enough to the showers and fridge when you need them!
  • Read. Most libraries are offering summer reading lists and contests. Encourage your kids to pick a few books to read and establish a set reading time when you can all curl up together with your favorite books.

Do a good deed.

Lots of volunteer opportunities are on hold right now, but the need has never been greater in many communities. Of course, you can donate to those organizations still helping, but you can also take charity and good cheer into your own hands.

  • Reach out to a senior. Retirement communities and nursing homes are among the most isolated places in America now and, while you likely can’t visit, you can send a stack of cards or postcards with sweet, funny, or uplifting messages the facility staff can distribute at random.
  • Support a local farmer. Lots of farms are still open and offering curbside pickup or even pick-your-own options. Enjoy something fresh and delicious and help a farmer.
  • Donate food. Rummage through your pantry for non-perishable goods you can drop off at a community pantry or soup kitchen. If you picked too many fruits or vegetables, you can donate them too!
  • Say thank you. We have a lot to be thankful for this summer and no one feels more love than when they open their mailbox to a thank you card. Thank your kid’s teacher, principal, and school nurse. Thank a coach. And, if you’ve had any interaction with doctors and nurses these last few weeks, be sure to thank them too.

 We’re all going to miss our favorite summertime events, but this is your chance to be creative, get outside, and have fun with those closest to you.

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