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It’s the most wifi-underful time of year!

The holiday seasons are upon us, and that means gifts are surely on the way. November and December are two of the busiest months of the year for internet support calls. As we open presents and invite family members over, we introduce new devices into our home networks. This can lead to internet slow downs, trouble connecting to wi-fi, and frustration you just don’t want to deal with during your holiday. We’re spending all December teaching you tips and tricks on how to best manage your wi-fi.

  1. Reboot your router: This tip is simple but can resolve a lot of issues. Your router is the device in your home that provides you with your wireless internet signal. If you have a device connecting to the internet, and it’s not plugged in with an ethernet cable, that device is likely on wi-fi. Powering off the router, waiting one minute, then powering it back on can re-establish connections to your wi-fi devices. This is the first step for troubleshooting any wi-fi connection issue, and it solves almost every one. A great practice would be to even reboot your router before giving gifts or having guests. That way you have a freshly rebooted router ready to make new connections.
  2. Have your wi-fi password ready: Do you know the password to connect to your wi-fi? These days, almost every electronic comes with wireless internet capabilities – everything from TVs and tablets, to refrigerators and doorbells. Get ready for new devices and visitors by memorizing your wi-fi password or having it written down somewhere secure that you can access. You will likely need it so it is best to be prepared and find the password now.
  3. Turn off devices you don’t need: Do you have a tablet, computer, and cell phone? Are you using all three at once? Each new device on a wi-fi network uses up some of your available bandwidth (which we’ll talk about more in a later post). A good general rule of thumb is that the fewer devices that are on and connected, the better your wi-fi performance will be.
  4. Know who to call when you get stuck: Let’s face it, there’s so much happening over the holidays and vacation that sometimes you won’t have the answer for a tech support issue. It happens. Sometimes, you try everything and you still can’t fix your issue. It’s ok! Our support team is here to help you with your tech-related issues. If you need help or have questions about any of the steps above, don’t be afraid to call! It is what we are here for!
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