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I Mustache You a Question…

I Mustache You a Question…

Have you noticed that everyone out there seems to have a certain Magnum, PI look about them? Is it the Hawaiian shirt? The Ferrari? No! It’s the mustache to end all mustaches! So, why has everyone forsaken their razors and clippers?

It’s No Shave November!

While the tradition of not shaving for the month has been en vogue for many years, in 2009, a Chicago family of ten who lost their dad to cancer decided to go natural with purpose. They founded No-Shave November to start raising money for foundations that fight cancer through education research, prevention, and support for those battling or recovering. For those affected by cancer, we know that losing their hair is a mark of their battle so No Shave November honors their fight by letting their own hair grow free.

The method is pretty simple: just don’t shave! Let that beard go wild and bring on the mullet. And, every dollar you don’t spend on razors, shaving cream, or even a salon visit, donate to your favorite cancer-fighting organization. If you work somewhere with a strict grooming policy but still want to participate, find a friend willing to grow out his mustache and donate to them and their cause.

 For more information on how you can support cancer patients and organizations this November, visit https://no-shave.org. You can join a fundraising team, learn more about the foundations who will benefit, and even create a fundraising page to get started today.

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