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HOW TO: Breathe New Life into an Old Smartphone

HOW TO: Breathe New Life into an Old Smartphone

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Wouldn’t it be nice if your smartphone lasted forever? It’s got all the apps you want, your alarms and important dates are set, and you have every picture you’ve ever taken saved in your Photo Gallery. But… have you SEEN that new phone that folds in half? Must. Have.

So, now that you’ve committed to that new phone, what will become of your old friend? While you may offset the cost of a new phone, there are some other cool options to bring that paperweight back to life!

  • Give it to a kid. When properly configured (and security measures put in place), old phones make great starter devices for kids. They can use them to take pictures, play games, or even Facetime with grandparents (if you still have WiFi connected).
  • Up your home security game. Download a security camera app like Alfred on both your old and new phones and set the old phone up as a camera. You can use this camera as a baby monitor, at an entrance or exit to your home, or anywhere requiring additional security.
  • Go play. Lots of games do not require internet connection, so you can use your old phone to kill some time while you wait for dinner to cook or while standing in line at the store.
  • Set an alarm. Most experts recommend disconnecting from all devices for at least an hour before bed. How do you do that when you need your phone by the bed to serve as your alarm clock? Try plugging your every-day phone into a charger in the kitchen, and use your old smartphone to serve as your alarm clock? This eliminates the temptation to surf late-night and quiets those pesky notifications that might wake you up as well.
  • Switch the channel. This is the coolest. Instead of digging through your sofa cushions for your multiple remotes (Apple TV, Fire Stick, Roku—all have their own), just download the mobile app to your old phone and it will display and operate exactly as your remote!
  • Entertain yourself. While you’ll need WiFi to either download or stream content, you can use an old phone to listen to music, play an audio book, or even read books and magazines.

In some instances, it makes good financial sense to trade an old phone in for a discount on a new one, but if you have the choice, there are some great reasons to hold on to it!

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