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Focus: Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Focus: Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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Stop. Put your phone down (just for a second) and think about this: According to EndDD.org, the average text takes 4 seconds to send so if you’re going 55 mph, you will travel the length of a football field before you look up from your phone. Imagine the damage that can be done in those 4 seconds…

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and organizations like EndDD are helping families, teen drivers, and even employers learn safe driving habits and bring an end to distracted driving. Research shows that drivers are distracted by their phones up to 10% of the time they spend behind the wheel, but other distractions abound as well. Here are a few ways you can bring some focus back to your driving (and maybe safe a life in the process!):

  • Put the phone away. Don’t just put it down, put it in your purse or glove compartment where you aren’t tempted. If you really feel like you might miss something, make a habit of setting automatic replies to texts saying you’re driving and will call back.
  • Eat first, drive second. We’re all on the go these days so fast food is sometimes a necessity but eating while you drive can be messy and distracting. Take five minutes to eat before getting back on the road.
  • Groom before you go. We’ve all seen the lady curling her eyelashes while driving or the guy using his electric shaver in the mirror. Try setting your alarm for 10 minutes earlier to get all your hair and makeup done in the bathroom mirror. (The lighting is better there anyway.)
  • Be a good role model. Kids are always watching so make sure you set a good example. Make a point of putting your phone away and enjoying a few minutes to eat together rather than eating in the car. Telling your teen driver how to avoid distracted driving is good, showing them is even better.

Almost a million accidents could be attributed to distracted driving last year with over 3,000 resulting in deaths. These are all avoidable if we all just commit to focusing on our commutes, our quick drives to the store, and our roadtrips like our lives depend on it. Because they do.

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