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Shop Smarter (not Harder) on Amazon

Shop Smarter (not Harder) on Amazon

Have you ever tossed out an empty package of something you bought on Amazon and LOVED but couldn’t remember what it was called? (And then spent a day scrolling through products trying to find “the one”?) Never again! Here are a couple powerful tools on the Your Orders screen that will make shopping, returns, and more shopping a breeze!

Beside your name at the top right, click Orders and Returns. The Your Orders screen appears. From here, you can complete these simple (but useful) tasks:

  1. See your orders. Seems obvious, but this screen shows everything you’ve ordered in the last 5 years with Amazon. You can filter by date range, search by keyword, and see when an item was delivered.
  2. Write a review. Part of Amazon’s appeal is the inclusion of reviews from real users like you. Love a product? Hate a product? Click the Write a product review box to leave your comments and shape other shoppers’ purchases based on your experience.
  3. Buy your favorites again. By clicking the blue Buy Again link on the order menu, you can pull up all the items you’ve bought that are still available to purchase again. If you really love it—and it’s something you run out of frequently—consider setting up a subscription when you purchase the item. You’ll save a few bucks and you’ll never run out again.
  4. Set up a return. Not every purchase is a winner, but one of Amazon’s claims to fame is its painless return process. Simply scroll through your history until you find the item you don’t want to keep, and click Return or replace item. You’re asked to provide a reason for the return and how you’d like to proceed (for example, replace with a different size or refund for Amazon credit or to your card). Then you’ll be directed to locations where you can drop the item and at most drop sites, you don’t need to repackage it or even apply a return label! Try to get returns processed quickly, however, because most items cannot be returned after 30 days.

Amazon has become a daily tool for many of us, and oftentimes it seems overwhelming with SOOO many options. Using Your Orders is a great way to cut out some of the noise and repurchase things we already know we love. Shop on!

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