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HOW TO: Retrieve a WiFi Password

HOW TO: Retrieve a WiFi Password

“Change your passwords often! Don’t write them down! Use different passwords for different things!” This is the constant refrain of maintaining good online security—but it can also be a major pain when your Wi-Fi drops, and you can’t remember the password to log back in. Next time you need to log in (or share your password with a visitor), you can follow these simple instructions to get back online.

Mac Computers and Devices

Mac machines store all passwords in the Keychain Access app, so just go to System Keychains/System and follow these steps:

1. Click Passwords.

2. Locate your Wi-Fi network and double-click it.

3. Mark the Show password checkbox and enter your password when prompted.

The field then displays the password for that Wi-Fi network. Either double-click the password or copy and paste it to your clipboard to be entered when you’re ready.

Windows Devices

1. Click the Start button at the bottom left.

2. Go to Control Panel/Network and Internet/Network and Sharing Center (Windows 11) OR Settings/Network and Internet /Status/Network and Sharing Center (Windows 10).

3. Under View your active networks, your available networks appear. Click the desired Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi Status screen appears.

4. Click Wireless Properties and then the Security tab.

5. Mark the Show characters checkbox. Your password appears in the field. You can copy and paste it or just make a note of it for later.

 These are some simple, secure ways to view your password and log back into your Wi-Fi network. If this still feels like a lot, you can also make a note of the password and stick it to the back of your modem (we won’t tell anyone!).

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