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HOW TO: Watch College Football Like a Pro

Are you ready for some football? If you’re like millions of people across the country, you’ve been waiting patiently for the start of college football. You’ve cleaned out your garage, stocked up on burgers and dogs, and scheduled weddings, baby showers, and birthday celebrations around your team’s schedule. But did you confirm HOW you plan […]

Security Alert – A Checklist for Fighting Ransomware Attacks

Following a year of intensifying cyberattacks on small businesses and government agencies, experts across a number of sectors got together to figure out strategies for defending against such attacks. The trend of targeting smaller businesses (which are likely to have fewer resources to defend themselves) continued into 2021 with companies of 500 employers or fewer […]

Security Alert – HolyGhost Ransomware

The next time you get an unsolicited message from a helpful sounding tech support representative offering to pinpoint your network weaknesses, run—don’t walk. A new gang of North Korean cybercriminals known as HolyGhost has been attacking schools, small manufacturers, and events companies, shutting down their networks or holding their data ransom. Until now, HolyGhost has […]

HOW TO: Take Notes Like it’s 2022!

First, there was the chisel on the cave wall. Then, the pen and sticky note. And now this! The next great technology for taking, storing, and organizing notes is here and it’s the coolest new gadget you didn’t know you needed. Introducing… the digital notebook! For many people in the digital age, taking notes on […]

HOW TO: Retrieve a WiFi Password

“Change your passwords often! Don’t write them down! Use different passwords for different things!” This is the constant refrain of maintaining good online security—but it can also be a major pain when your Wi-Fi drops, and you can’t remember the password to log back in. Next time you need to log in (or share your […]

Defending Against Data Breaches

Between 2013 and 2016, Russian-backed hackers initiated cyberattacks on Yahoo that resulted in the compromise of—wait for it—3 billion users. The attack began as an FSB assault on several banks and high-ranking international businesspeople, but the simple spear phishing emails they sent ultimately gave them access to every Yahoo user’s information, including names, phone numbers, […]

How To: Supercharge your Browsing

You know the difference between “I’m just browsing” and “I’m on a mission,” right? Well, what powershopping is to brick and mortar browsing, these tips are to the savvy online navigator. Make a note of these tricks and keyboard shortcuts, and you’ll turn your casual browsing into an interactive, supercharged online experience. 1. Clear your […]

Defending Against the Log4j Hack

It’s a new year, filled with opportunity and optimism and just being a better person. Except for hackers. They continue to wreak havoc throughout our connected world, and their new target is the logging function, Log4j. Log4j is managed by Apache Software Foundation and is an open source, Java-based logging library, which means that thousands […]

A Very Techy Christmas

We are just weeks away from Santa’s big day, but there’s still time to get that perfect tech for everyone on your list. And the good news is that, while some big-ticket items may be cost-prohibitive, smart shopping will help you stuff stockings with tech that will dazzle and delight. Green gifts – Not every piece […]

How To: Make Sure Your Gifts Arrive Before the Holidays!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Eggnog by the fire, mistletoe from the rafters, caroling at the door, and of course… panic at the shopping center! Even with the well-documented supply chain issues that are hampering Christmas shopping, experts are predicting a “blockbuster holiday season,” topping last year’s shop-from-home $843 billion by almost […]

HOW TO Set Up a Smart Home

There’s something cozy about coming home to a nice, warm house, lights aglow in the window and greeted with a soothing, “Welcome, home, family!” From your genius smart house robot! These days, the technology exists to program your home to do just about anything: maintain a certain temperature, turn lights on at a specific time […]

I Mustache You a Question…

Have you noticed that everyone out there seems to have a certain Magnum, PI look about them? Is it the Hawaiian shirt? The Ferrari? No! It’s the mustache to end all mustaches! So, why has everyone forsaken their razors and clippers? It’s No Shave November! While the tradition of not shaving for the month has […]

HOW TO: Choose a VPN

The list of negative side effects of the COVID pandemic seem to be never-ending, and now we can add the explosion of cyberattacks on our home office to the list. As millions of Americans are now working from home, they send and receive sensitive information, they manipulate customer data (often personal or financial in nature), […]

Self-Improvement Month

Summer is over, the holidays are upon us, and many of us are still working from home, so the temptation is real to just let it all go. Don’t give in! Especially since September is Self-Improvement month. Use this month to learn a new language, save some money, be more organized. Or, if you want […]
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