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Shop Smarter (not Harder) on Amazon

Have you ever tossed out an empty package of something you bought on Amazon and LOVED but couldn’t remember what it was called? (And then spent a day scrolling through products trying to find “the one”?) Never again! Here are a couple powerful tools on the Your Orders screen that will make shopping, returns, and […]

Pssssst. What’s the Password?

As we celebrate World Password Day next Thursday, please tell us that LAST World Password Day was not the last time you changed your password… We all know that as we continue to get more connected online—shopping, banking, networking, gaming, and even dating—it’s more critical than ever that we choose strong passwords and update them […]

Go On! Hug A Tree!

Arbor Day has been celebrated throughout the world since the very first tree-planting ceremony in Spain in 1594. The tradition has caught on in the US when in 1872, a newspaper editor in Nebraska proposed a holiday to celebrate and plant trees—more than one million trees were planted that first Arbor Day. Today, volunteers join […]

Techni-fy Your Travel

There was a time when traffic was going to be what traffic was going to be. When we knew our flight was cancelled when we rolled up to the gate to find a flight attendant shaking her head and directing us to the nearest Cinnabon. But times have changed, and technology is here to make […]

March Madness

It’s time! Time to set your brackets, put a few dollars on a Cinderella team you’ve never heard of, and learn that a computer or a turtle did better in their brackets than you did… It’s March Madness!! The men’s tournament kicks off Thursday, March 16th, and the bracket model, Sportsline, suggests we’re going to […]

Super Bowl Sunday

It’s that time again! America’s favorite holiday: Super Bowl Sunday! This year pits the Philadelphia Eagles against the Kansas City Chiefs, both of whom finished the season with an impressive 14-3 record. Although the Eagles are favored to win, oddsmakers think the game will be close. So, what do fans have to look forward to? […]

HOW TO – Install a Smart Thermostat

With record colds (and higher fuel prices) sweeping the nation, now might be a great time to consider installing a smart thermostat in your home. The good news is that these little efficiency boxes have gotten easier to install even as the technology has gotten more advanced. There are lots of YouTube guides available, as […]

HOW TO: Unsend an Email in Google

We’ve all done it. Hit “Reply All” when we meant to hit “Only reply to that one person so I can talk about everyone else.” Or sent a message noting the incredibly important document attached—and then forgot to attach the document. So, what can you do (besides panic/sweat/cry) while you wait for the recipients to […]

HOW TO: Shop on Black Friday

That’s a wrap. You’ve had your second piece of pie, you’ve packed up the turkey for tomorrow’s sandwiches, and the tryptophan is kicking in. But before you fall asleep watching football (and football!), make your plan for slaying Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Because last year so many companies struggled to keep shelves stocked for […]

HOW TO: Watch College Football Like a Pro

Are you ready for some football? If you’re like millions of people across the country, you’ve been waiting patiently for the start of college football. You’ve cleaned out your garage, stocked up on burgers and dogs, and scheduled weddings, baby showers, and birthday celebrations around your team’s schedule. But did you confirm HOW you plan […]

Security Alert – A Checklist for Fighting Ransomware Attacks

Following a year of intensifying cyberattacks on small businesses and government agencies, experts across a number of sectors got together to figure out strategies for defending against such attacks. The trend of targeting smaller businesses (which are likely to have fewer resources to defend themselves) continued into 2021 with companies of 500 employers or fewer […]

Security Alert – HolyGhost Ransomware

The next time you get an unsolicited message from a helpful sounding tech support representative offering to pinpoint your network weaknesses, run—don’t walk. A new gang of North Korean cybercriminals known as HolyGhost has been attacking schools, small manufacturers, and events companies, shutting down their networks or holding their data ransom. Until now, HolyGhost has […]

HOW TO: Take Notes Like it’s 2022!

First, there was the chisel on the cave wall. Then, the pen and sticky note. And now this! The next great technology for taking, storing, and organizing notes is here and it’s the coolest new gadget you didn’t know you needed. Introducing… the digital notebook! For many people in the digital age, taking notes on […]

HOW TO: Retrieve a WiFi Password

“Change your passwords often! Don’t write them down! Use different passwords for different things!” This is the constant refrain of maintaining good online security—but it can also be a major pain when your Wi-Fi drops, and you can’t remember the password to log back in. Next time you need to log in (or share your […]
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