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Get Fit – And Have Fun Doing It!

After a year of making (and eating) loaves and loaves of sourdough bread, many of us are making our way back from remote work and learning to real offices and schools. And with this return to reality comes the reality of actual pants! The timing couldn’t be better. May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month […]

How To: Automate Your Spring Cleaning

The wheel. The printing press. Apollo 11. Certainly these make the list of humankind’s greatest technological achievements, but #1 on the list for procrastinators and busy housekeepers everywhere is, hands down, the robot vacuum! Just imagine: no more carrying a bulky vacuum up and down stairs, no more asking kids and spouses to “please lift […]

Celebrating the Sweet (Safe) 16!

College basketball players and fans alike were devastated last year when March Madness was cancelled due to the pandemic. But this year, the NCAA tournament is back and, although there are lots of restrictions and limitations to keep COVID in check, fans across the country are rejoicing. As the initial 64 has been whittled down […]

HOW TO: Travel Safely This Spring Break

Now that over 100 million Americans have had their COVID vaccines, there’s definitely a whiff of optimism in the air about getting back to normal. And “normal” this time of year means planning for spring break trips! While experts say we should definitely still be cautious (and try to travel only when necessary), here are […]

How To: Set up a Smart Watch

Have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolution? Have you finally unpacked that fancy stairstepper you got for Christmas and are ready to get climbing? Now may be the perfect time for you to up your fitness game by investing in a smart watch. They aren’t cheap (typically $100-500) but prices are coming down every […]

Celebrating Black History Month

From George Washington Carver to Bettye Washington Greene to everyone’s favorite astrophysicist, Neill deGrasse Tyson, African Americans have always been a part of the fabric and foundation of the scientific community in this country. This Black History month, let’s meet three beacons in their field: Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson – Dr. Jackson is a physicist who […]

Hooking up Your PS5 101

Your prayers were answered! Santa delivered! Somehow, by some miracle, the new PlayStation5 is yours, all yours! If you’ve owned a PlayStation console before, much of the set-up and configuration is the same but if you’re new to the PS game, read on and you’ll be set up in a jiffy: 1. Attach the base […]

Predictions for 2021

It’s fair to say that no one could have predicted the year we had in 2020 considering that “murder hornets” were the least of our concerns. But with the start of 2021, we have renewed hope and optimism that this year will bring health, prosperity, and, of course, new tech! Let the prognosticating begin: Invest […]

A Time for Being Thankful

In a year like 2020, the temptation is real to retreat into our caves Grinch-style and get back under the cover until 2021 arrives, but in the darkest days, it’s important to always see the light! Although many of us won’t be having a traditional Thanksgiving this year, there are plenty of things to be […]

Ho Ho Homeshopping!

Anyone who went shopping for Halloween decorations around October 28th may have gotten a festive shock at their local Target or Home Depot: Christmas gifts and decorations were already on the shelves! Retailers are preparing for an unusual holiday season that is already underway (kicked off on Amazon Prime Day back in October). They’re getting […]

The Red, The Blue, the Tech and You!

With an historic election just 48 days away, there’s plenty of buzz about policy and personality, records and revelations, but this is also an election like no other in history because we’re in the middle of a pandemic. This means that even if you already have your heart set on a candidate, “voting” may mean […]

Back To School Apps That Get an A+

Most of our kids have been inseparable from their devices this summer of quarantine, so getting them to embrace technology for school should be a breeze. Here are a few must-have apps that will make back to school fun and easy—even if “school” means the kitchen table. Communication Zoom – The ubiquitous app that parents […]

Back to School Tech Finds for Parents

This time last year, parents were racing to wrap up school supply shopping, buying uniforms, and packing lunchboxes. And although this year there will be fewer worries about transportation or picking out the perfect school outfit, parents can still use a hand in staying on top of homework, activities, and general wellness. Here are a […]

A Whole New Job Hunt

Typically, June marks the celebration of college graduation and the exciting job hunt that follows. This year, graduates are still looking for work, but they will be competing for jobs in one of the toughest markets in recent history—and they’ll be doing it all remotely. Finding work, especially if you’re starting from scratch or changing […]

April Showers Bring May Cauliflowers

April showers bring May flowers—but they also bring May vegetables! Along with the bread baking craze that’s sweeping the locked down nation, many Americans are using this time to explore a pastime that’s good for the body and the soul: gardening. While food shortages aren’t really a problem for most people right now, the idea […]

FLASHBACK! – The Birth of Wireless

The year is 1894. Over 3,000 Pullman Car Company workers lead one of the world’s biggest strikes to date. The International Olympic Committee is founded in Paris. And you can finally buy Coca Cola in a bottle for the first time! But most importantly, on May 10th of this year, physicist Guglielmo Marconi set in […]

Spring Cleaning Our Phones

While we know during this time all about cleaning the exterior of our phones often—disinfectant wipes on the case and lightly on the screen—now might be a good time to also spring clean the contents of your phone as well. Start by viewing Settings where all apps are listed in order of data usage. Do […]

Conquering Quarantine: Continuity is King

By now, we are beginning to settle into the new (if temporary) reality that may include working from home while homeschooling or babysitting kids, while simultaneously having fewer and fewer opportunities to “just get out of the house.” Many of us have only been in self-imposed quarantine for a few days and extreme cabin fever […]
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