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A Whole New Job Hunt

Typically, June marks the celebration of college graduation and the exciting job hunt that follows. This year, graduates are still looking for work, but they will be competing for jobs in one of the toughest markets in recent history—and they’ll be doing it all remotely. Finding work, especially if you’re starting from scratch or changing […]

April Showers Bring May Cauliflowers

April showers bring May flowers—but they also bring May vegetables! Along with the bread baking craze that’s sweeping the locked down nation, many Americans are using this time to explore a pastime that’s good for the body and the soul: gardening. While food shortages aren’t really a problem for most people right now, the idea […]

FLASHBACK! – The Birth of Wireless

The year is 1894. Over 3,000 Pullman Car Company workers lead one of the world’s biggest strikes to date. The International Olympic Committee is founded in Paris. And you can finally buy Coca Cola in a bottle for the first time! But most importantly, on May 10th of this year, physicist Guglielmo Marconi set in […]

Spring Cleaning Our Phones

While we know during this time all about cleaning the exterior of our phones often—disinfectant wipes on the case and lightly on the screen—now might be a good time to also spring clean the contents of your phone as well. Start by viewing Settings where all apps are listed in order of data usage. Do […]

Conquering Quarantine: Continuity is King

By now, we are beginning to settle into the new (if temporary) reality that may include working from home while homeschooling or babysitting kids, while simultaneously having fewer and fewer opportunities to “just get out of the house.” Many of us have only been in self-imposed quarantine for a few days and extreme cabin fever […]

CES: The Greatest Show on Earth

A single theme of this year’s CES in Las Vegas is tough to pinpoint. After all, how do you place plant-based “pork,” AI that behaves like humans, and a trash can that empties itself into a single category? “Things that make your home more homey?” Many products found their way into this category including: ⦁ Better […]

The Holidays: Just like Grandma Used to Do Them

Yes! Having phones handy while you shop, navigate traffic far from home, and stay in touch over the holidays is great. We are able to save time and communicate in ways we never were years ago, but there is also something to be said for some analog Christmas spirit. This season, after you’ve finished your […]

On This Day in Technology…

On This Day in Technology June 28, 1955 – Clarenville, Newfoundland – On this date, the world’s largest cable-laying ship, the HMTS Monarch, laid the very first foot of the TAT-1 telephone cable that would ultimately connect North America to Europe. By September 1956, two lines (one for each direction) ran from Clarenville to Oban, […]

Spring Clean Your Tech

Spring Cleaning Your Tech You wash dishes every day. You do your laundry once a week. And every spring, you clean out the garage, get rid of old clothes, throw wide the windows and let in the breeze that blows the winter cobwebs away. But what’s the one place you spend most of your time […]

Telecoms and the Military Joining Forces

Telecoms and the Military Joining Forces The United States military boasts 456 domestic bases, many of which are situated near the nation’s small towns. Depending on the mission, these installations need space for landing planes, running training exercises, and storing equipment, and urban settings just can’t provide the real estate to support those goals. Their […]

Most Common Troubleshooting Issues

You’ve done everything you can do. Unplugged and replugged in cables. Popped out the battery. Held down the reset button. But when that dreaded blue screen of death appears, there’s only one place left to turn: Tech Support. But  rest assured. This team has heard almost everything before. Some challenges are trickier than others, but […]

Tax Season: Big Game Phishing

Like death and taxes, email scams like phishing are here to stay–especially during tax season. During the dark days leading up to April 15th, people are stressed out. They procrastinate so they make mistakes and let their guard down. And NO ONE wants to get on the wrong side of the IRS, so when a […]

How to Speed Up Your Internet (Without Spending Up Your Wallet)

Slow internet speeds can put a real damper on your online experience. If you have ever had to deal with pages that take forever to load or videos that buffer and stutter, then you know how painful slow internet can be. Luckily, you may be able to speed up your internet connection with some simple […]

Happy Alexander Graham Bell Day!

Happy Alexander Graham Bell Day! Today, we remember the accomplishments made by Scottish-born scientist, inventor, and engineer Alexander Graham Bell. Bell was granted the patent for the telephone on March 7, 1876. Three days later, he made the first phone call ever. The story goes that the first call consisted of Bell testing the device […]
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